Out There Radio (season 3)

This episode features an interview with Brother Russell, who's comedy work and social commentary focus on the strange world of American Evangelicals.  

This episode features a conversation with recording artist and self-proclaimed cult leader Chris Schlarb.  We discuss the parallels between celebrities and cult leaders, the JFK assassination, and how to stay relevant in a "post-conspiracy" world.  

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This episode follows the story of high school students in a suburban Denver county who are in open rebellion against the local school board...  over a history test.

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This episode features a discussion of the Satanic Panic, a moral panic of the 1980's which ruined lives and annoyed teenagers with tales of Satanic influences in youth culture.


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This episode features an interview with Daisy Eris Campbell and Steven Pratt, two of the creators of the forthcoming Cosmic Trigger stage play.

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Slender Man and the Artist's Horror - Ep. 313

From the darkest recesses of the internet comes the Slender Man, a 21st century monster who has inspired real-life attacks and an ever-growing, collaborative digital mythos.  

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Was Jesus a literary creation of the Roman Emperors? This episode delves into the controversial work of Joseph Atwill, author of Caesar's Messiah. 

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In an extremely personal episode of Out There Radio, Raymond explains the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) and how politicians are playing a dangerous game with the health and well-being of the people you love most.  Dedicated to my mother, Florence Wiley (1950-2013).

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Combining tales of the HAARP conspiracy, Nikola Tesla's death ray, and a space cannon capable of launching objects into orbit, this episode of Out There Radio has something for everyone.

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This episode features a discussion of Japanese Tsunami ghosts, as well as in-depth look at Austin's top 5 cryptids.

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