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Episode 57 begins with a discussion of the mysterious death of Michael Hastings.  Was this notable journalist murdered because he uncovered government corruption?

The main topic of the episode is Coral Castle, a puzzling monument which stands in south Florida.  Was its lone creator, Edward Leedskalnin, a genius who uncovered the secrets of the pyramids, a time-traveler, an alien, or just a dedicated man who longed for his lost "Sweet Sixteen?"  

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Alex Jones is the most famous conspiracy theorist in the world, but his fame has come with a price.  His increasingly bizarre behaviour has led many to question both his sanity and his sincerity.  Is he a digital cult leader, or a stooge for the NWO, or just a man destabilized by fame?  This episode examines how single figures come to represent entire movements, and the potential drawbacks of being a conspiracy celebrity.

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This episode begins with an analysis of possible "Satanic" influences on people who practice Yoga. Is the dark lord lurking in the corner of your Yoga studio, or are evangelicals just scared of a little competition? Later on, Austin and Raymond present the basics of Phantom Time Hypothesis and New Chronology, and report shocking discoveries of phantom years during the second age of Middle Earth.

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This episode features an in-depth discussion of the recent popularity of mock-umentaries about mermaids, as well as previous examples of the "found footage" genre. Austin and Raymond then debate the significance of the Citizens Committee for UFO Disclosure and its predecessor, the Disclosure Project.

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