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In the 38th episode of Out There Radio, we talk with Mark Tippetts, a practitioner of the ancient Judaic mystical system, Kabbalah. Mark talks to us about this well-publicized but poorly understood practice, in terms of its history, theory and implementation.

Austin Gandy delivers a memorable installment of the Invisible College, recounting the tale of the Russian villages who captured an alien and then ate it.

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9/11 conspiracy theories are growing. For the 37th episode of Out There Radio, Raymond ventured with thousands of others to Washington D.C., audio recorder in hand, to attend the UFPJ peace protests. On this week’s show, we talk with members of the 9/11 Truth movement protesting in Washington, and discuss the history, structure, and beliefs of the movement that has inspired many to activism. Listen up for a clip of Raymond on Webster Tarpley’s World Crisis Radio show, as well a great speech by Craig Hill, a former senatorial candidate from the Green Party in Vermont.

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Legendary CIA spook E. Howard Hunt passed away on January 23, 2007. The 36th episode of Out There Radio is a scathing expose of an American bad guy. We discuss Hunt’s involvement in everything from the 1954 coup in Guatemala, to the Bay of Pigs invasion, to Watergate, and bid farewell, or rather good riddance, to this Cold War relic.

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