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After four long years, the Out There Radio crew has re-united, and will be producing a new season of weekly podcast episodes.  In this much anticipated episode, Austin Gandy and Raymond Wiley re-introduce themselves, reflect on their experiences during the past four years, and discuss how their views about conspiracy theories, the occult, and counterculture have evolved.

In Out There news, we discuss the recent Aurora shooting, and how rapidly conspiracy narratives can be formed in a web 2.0 environment.

We also talk briefly about Raymond’s two recent projects, a book release (The Georgia Guidestones: America’s Most Mysterious Monumentand three upcoming weekend festivals in the woods of west Georgia (Infusion Festivals).

In our “phone a friend” segment, we talk to fellow podcaster and rock critic Nicholas Pell.  Nick’s articles for L.A. Weekly have often landed him in hot water with rock fans, and in this segment you’ll find out why.  We also get the skinny on Coincidence Control Network, one of our UK-based sister shows.

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