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In this episode, we examine The Report from Iron Mountain.  This document, supposedly written by a secret commission of scholars in the sixties, centers around the prospects for lasting peace in the world. A classic conspiracy document, the Iron Mountain Report illustrates the “earth as game board” style of planning attributed to high level think tanks and secret societies… …and get ready for a shocking revelation in the second half of the episode!

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“Aleister Crowley, I’m calling the cops…”   Today we explore the famous Victorian occult group known as the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn. We’ll discuss its history and current forms with our special guest Austin Gandy. Austin is one of the southeast’s leading experts on the occult, and after listening to this show, you will understand why.  Infamous magician Aleister Crowley makes his first appearance on the show, as we talk about his Jerry Springer style battle with poet W.B. Yeats.

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The tenth episode of Out There features the strange story of the psychologist and all around mad scientist Wilhelm Reich. Fascism, sex, Einstein, and weather control devices all make an appearance. This is one of the most comical episodes of the first season, so don’t miss it.

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