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This episode features a conversation with recording artist and self-proclaimed cult leader Chris Schlarb.  We discuss the parallels between celebrities and cult leaders, the JFK assassination, and how to stay relevant in a "post-conspiracy" world.  

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This episode follows the story of high school students in a suburban Denver county who are in open rebellion against the local school board...  over a history test.

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This episode features a discussion of the Satanic Panic, a moral panic of the 1980's which ruined lives and annoyed teenagers with tales of Satanic influences in youth culture.


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This episode features an interview with Daisy Eris Campbell and Steven Pratt, two of the creators of the forthcoming Cosmic Trigger stage play.

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From the darkest recesses of the internet comes the Slender Man, a 21st century monster who has inspired real-life attacks and an ever-growing, collaborative digital mythos.  

Was Jesus a literary creation of the Roman Emperors? This episode delves into the controversial work of Joseph Atwill, author of Caesar's Messiah. 

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In an extremely personal episode of Out There Radio, Raymond explains the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) and how politicians are playing a dangerous game with the health and well-being of the people you love most.  Dedicated to my mother, Florence Wiley (1950-2013).

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Combining tales of the HAARP conspiracy, Nikola Tesla's death ray, and a space cannon capable of launching objects into orbit, this episode of Out There Radio has something for everyone.

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This episode features a discussion of Japanese Tsunami ghosts, as well as in-depth look at Austin's top 5 cryptids.

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Episode 58 begins with a discussion of the zombie mind control drug known as scopolamine, along with new information about the suspicious death of investigative journalist Gary Webb.

In the main segment, we continue our investigation of Coral Castle, a puzzling monument which stands in south Florida. Was its lone creator, Edward Leedskalnin, a genius who uncovered the secrets of the pyramids, a time-traveler, an alien, or just a dedicated man who longed for his lost "Sweet Sixteen?"

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